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Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming






Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

I cannot wait for men to cry about this

I’m just crying tears of joy because there’s no more hiding behind the “mainly male demographic” bs that’s been pulled for years.

I’m sorry to all the people who are happy for this, but looking at the study, there’s a bunch of things that seem to be missing, as if the result was skewed, I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m saying they’re adding data that shouldn’t count or should be counted separately, like moms who only play mobile games, for example.

But why do mobile games not count?

People act like casual games aren’t games. 

Hardcore gamers need to recognize that they are not, and have not been for some time, a majority. They are not the bastions of good gamers, they are a subset in a much broader demographic. You’ll still get your Goddamn money sinks, CoD players. But if you try to drive away good folks from our once humble hobby because they don’t enjoy games the way you do, you are ruining the industry.

Casual counts, and anyone who plays a game is a gamer. If they identify as a gamer, they’re a gamer, end of story. Don’t be a narrow minded fool, open your hearts to your new gaming siblings and ENCOURAGE them to try the things you like. You’d be surprised how many people would be open to the idea if they knew it would be fun.



Vampire doctors that can smell if you have a blood disease.

Werewolf therapy animals for sick kids.

Nature sprite and nymph nurses that always make sure people have pretty flowers to brighten up their white rooms.

Fauns that go around and sing and dance for patients so that they smile.

Nice monster hospitals would be amazing

Someone write a book about this.

I’ll add it to the list.

No seriously, this will happen. Just give me time.




Write a story from the point of view of a powerful prince (or princess). The catch? They’re a master of the dark arts, and they’re able to banish anyone to an alternate dimension with a mere thought. Double catch? They meet someone who is immune to this.

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Journal: Finally Back In The DM Chair!

After a long personal hiatus from Dungeons and Dragons, I returned tonight and freaking rocked the house with this game. I love engaging and intriguing players with secrets and mystery, and this was possibly one of the best times I’ve had in recent memory while running the game.

Bear in mind, I usually DM for my groups, it’s what I’ve been doing since I started playing. But lately, I’ve been so unhappy with my personal performance and creative output that I stopped playing altogether. I would have jumped in as a player, given the chance, but no one else was willing to DM for me. 

So when I was asked to run a game again by my old college buddy, I was somewhat intimidated by the task. But the more I put into the game, the more I began to look forward to playing again. I was still dubious, I had stopped doing this for a reason, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to come back.

Fast forward to tonight, where I had 3-4 books out, my computer and iPad both feeding me info, and two friends laughing and smiling with me over skype. I mourn the time that I have spent away from the game I love, the game that made me a gamer, but now I’m back in a big way.

Thanks Dan, for getting me back into the game, and convincing me to play once more.

Thanks Brandon, for making this session a real group by agreeing to play with us practically last minute.

With what I have in store and the new edition on the horizon, I can hardly wait to keep going.

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