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dragons that live in volcanoes and coat themselves in lava

dragons that live underwater and have fish scales instead of dragon scales

dragons that live in fields of flowers and breathe out avalanches of flowers instead of fire


dragons that live in nebulae and exhale colorful dust and baby stars

dragons made out of mountains breathing out tiny pebbles 

hurricane dragons breathing out mist and rain


dragons at a coffee shop enjoying a cup of tea

dragons waiting in line at the grocery store

dragons sitting at home reading with headphones on

Dragons tending to a topiary garden

Dragons playing video games and roaring at the screen when they die

- and my favorite -



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Kay’s Post: MonHunThrUlt

Hi everyone! Everyone’s favorite fat fuzz dragon back to talk about vidya games!

Now, we’re rather behind on games, especially on console. So when Cael had an opportunity to pick up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I wholeheartedly suggested it. I’m a big fan of the Action Adventure genre, and what I saw of this screamed adventure in a big way.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time with it yet. We mostly just messed around in the starting area, killing aptonoths (big dino cows) and jaggies (raptory lookin’ muthafuckas) and learning about the game.

My beef is that we had already played it, sort of. It’s not all that different or advanced from Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii so far. There’s some new weapons, I guess, and later on there will be bigger tougher baddies to go after, but the core game feels a little old, mostly because it fucking is.

That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable, the little time we’ve put in so far has been a blast. Battle and exploration mechanics are decisive, making you feel like all your actions mean something for you. Sound design is spot on, with good music and tantalizing nature sounds. And the update to the visuals is gorgeous! They really made the backgrounds glow with details and polish. It’s only a shame they couldn’t do the same with the character models. Those still look a little boxy.

I’m probably gonna come back to this soon, maybe next week, having played more. See ya then!

Journal: Fandom and Me

I don’t consider myself a fan of anything. Bear with me a moment.

The word “Fan” is a shortened version of “Fanatic.” Fanatic behavior is obsessive, defensive, and singleminded. It’s often associated with religious or political extremism. And while faith and civic matters are important to be mindful of, the fanatics of both subjects ruin them for anyone else.

Not all people who call themselves fans are like that. Most fans are pleasant enough, just happy to share their love of entertainment with others and revel in it together. There are those, however, that call themselves “true fans.” They are exactly that, fanatics in the truest sense of the word. They make their favored subjects the centerpiece of their lives, get personally offended when their subjects receive any kind of scrutiny, and bludgeon others over the head with their ideals. They needlessly curate the content they supposedly love, and berate anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Artists both love and hate their fans. They are people who can be a positive force for spreading and enhancing the art, and they often add to the artists work in some way. The bad fans push others away, get greedily attached, and sometimes demand things of the artist that will satisfy no one, including themselves. In small fandoms, only one of those bad fans can spell doom for the entire community, and by extension the artist.

There needs to be a better word for someone who enjoys particular content or activities. Fanatic is a bad word, and has too many negative connotations. Enthusiast? What could we shorten that to? Enth? Thoosie? Either way, fanaticism is dangerous. People who enjoy art and shows and stories should not have to bear the same moniker as the rabid consumers that drain the fun out of the community just by being there.

Diamond: … So you’re trying to tell people that you’re not a dragon fan?


Nerimay: I’m a fan of people who don’t fucking nitpick about common terms. Do you think you can meet those standards?


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