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Journal: The Living Stone 8.09 - A Titanic Tussle

Kra snarled, snapping his head forward in a brutal headbutt. Wardan reeled as the dragon smashed into his chest, but managed to retain his footing. Kra had to blink away stars from his vision, the raider was far more resilient than he anticipated. He backed up a step, anticipating Wardan’s retaliation.

His instinct proved true, as his nose was clipped by the point of Wardan’s blade as it swung past his face, Wardan stumbling forward into the awkward blow. A tiny chip of stony scale flew off, landing in the dirt some distance away. He hardly felt it, but it gave him a good idea of how truly strong Wardan was.

He was far from intimidated, though. It only meant he did not need to hold back as much as he thought.

Before Wardan could reverse his momentum for a backswing, Kra swept his paw out slapping the raider’s arm wide. He leaned his shoulder in, punching with his wing and forcing the raider further off balance. Aiming to end the bout with a third and final strike, he raised a paw up and slammed it down on the raider.

He was startled as he met a surprising amount of resistance. Wardan had somehow regained his footing, and was holding back Kra’s paw with both arms. Curious, Kra lifted his other front paw and placed it on the first, pushing down with his full weight. He heard Wardan groan from exertion, but he did not crumple as the dragon predicted.

"Are you made of iron, or just numb?" Kra asked.

"I can’t feel my shoulders," Wardan grunted.

Kra smirked. “Then rest!” He shifted his weight with a quick twist, pushing the raider to the side and dropping him to the ground with the sudden change of direction.

Wardan just laid on the ground for a moment before letting out a cough. “Only… one swing…”

"Try for two next time," Kra offered, moving next to him. The exhausted warrior barely moved, and the dragon had a strangely satisfying notion. He maneuvered himself over the raider, and before Wardan could protest he rested himself down on the raider’s lower half.

"Are you sure it’s not lead on your scales?" Wardan groaned. "I’ve had a mountaintop fall on me that was less heavy than you."

"If you lose in these matches, this is your punishment," Kra said. "I’ll let you up when Bink returns with breakfast," he mumbled, yawning. "I could really use a nap."

Wardan tried to push him away futilely. “You’re a harder teacher than any dwarf. Who taught you to fight, anyhow?”

"I only learned what the Wastes taught me," Kra mumbled, barely feeling Wardan’s struggles as he drifted away into a self satisfied nap.

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